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HTML/Bootstrap Sitebuilder - Looking for feedback
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HTML/Bootstrap Sitebuilder - Looking for feedback

YmpkerYmpker Member
edited August 2019 in General

So, I was thinking about offering Architect Site Builder from Codecanyon for free to some of my clients along a Web Hosting plan. I have played around with it a bit myself a while back and actually preferred Mobirise (software) but it would still be great to get some feedback regarding this self hosted Sitebuilder anyway :slight_smile:

Registration is currently disabled so PM me/post here if you are interested and I'll gladly provide you with a login. You'll be able to export&use any websites you created with the Sitebuilder ;)

Main questions I am interested in:

1.) How long did it take you to create a "useable" page (not whole website but let's say 1 page you would be "satisfied" enough with to be using on some project)?

a) 1-30 minutes
b) 30-60 minutes
c) Longer

2.) Would you think this Sitebuilder make a good "freebie" addon for any clients that don't want to use WordPress for their websites?

3.) How intuitive would you rate the Sitebuilder out of /10 ? *

4.) Feel free to post screenshots of the sites you created here :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Good to know/Known issues:

Creating a new site using one of the themes works without issues.
Starting from a “Blank page” via the respective button triggers a “you don’t have permisson…” warning. When you keep hitting the “Create” button regardless for 5-6 times it will work :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to use any of the premade themes and start with a blank page you can alternatively also browse the themes for the theme that is called “Blank page”. I created it to make it easier than dealing with the issue mentioned above.


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