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IonSwitch, Seattle, Washington - SSD KVM Offers
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IonSwitch, Seattle, Washington - SSD KVM Offers

IonSwitchIonSwitch Member, Provider
edited July 2019 in Offers

Happy July --

IonSwitch just completed an entire network overhaul as we've grown. We just landed a Juniper MX480 router, and tossed out the last 1Gb switch and replaced our entire core with Cisco Nexus switches and multi-chassis bonds. We've always been 10Gb to our hypervisors, but now we have active/active 20Gb networking from our provider, down to each host.

Juniper MX480 Routing
20Gb to each hypervisor
Nom nom nom nom

  • Intel Xeon E5-2670+
  • All CPU resources have dedicated allotments, and burst to the cores allocated (see knowledge base).
  • Non-oversold
  • Anti-DDOS (Inhouse, and Voxility)

Deadpool Deals

VPS1 (1GB Ram, 10GB Storage, 1TB on 1Gbe, KVM) for $3.50/month $20/yr (limit 5). [Buy]. Coupon: 2019-JULY13-CHEAPVPS1.

VPS512 (512MB Ram, 5GB Storage, KVM) for $12.50/yr (normally $17). (Limit 5) [buy] Coupon: 2019-JULY12-VPS512

Solid Deals

For our VPS1, VPS2, VPS4, and VPS8 products, take 25% off (reoccurring, of course) the above prices with coupon 2019-LEB-JULY-25DISCOUNT.

Annual purchases take another 17% off (stackable)

Our VPS1 (1GB Ram, 10GB Storage, 1TB on 1Gbe, KVM) is a favorite at $3.50/m. [ buy ].

Our VPS2 (2GB Ram, 20GB Storage, 2TB on 1Gbe, KVM) starts at $7.00/m. [buy].

Custom Deals

We offer colocation ($50/u, 1A, /29 IPv4), dedicated hosts, IP transit over GRE, free BGP, and more. Reach out for a custom plan.

We have DirectAdmin licenses available for $4/month.

IonSwitch, LLC | VPS, Colocation, and Dedicated Servers | Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
| AS16584 | Looking Glass | Email me! [email protected]


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