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Latest LowEndBox Offers - Resource Pools from $12/yr in 3 locations
    New on LowEndTalk? Please read our 'Community Rules' by clicking on it in the right menu! - Resource Pools from $12/yr in 3 locations

    anyNodeanyNode Member, Provider


    We are backto offer a "resource pool/reseller" in Miami/Seattle/Las Vegas locations. All plans come with access to SolusVM Reseller CP (we are working on a custom theme, if you have any trouble just open a ticket!).

    All plans are OpenVZ 7 hosted on E3v5/E5v2/E3v1/2, SSD hypervisors. Nodes have redundant power and redundant networking to our core network.

    Due to some limitations by SolusVM/OpenVZ7 there is some things you need to be aware of.

    • All VMs are set to 1 core per VM, this can be increased via ticket only.
    • You can oversubscribe bandwidth on your plans, should you go over your limit you will be billed at a rate of $1/TB.
    • IPv6 only instances are currently not supported but are being considered.
    • BGP is not supported on these VMs
    • IPv6 not yet available in Vegas/Seattle
    • Limited availability in Miami (awaiting 3 new nodes) & limited in Seattle (awaiting upgrades)


    PayPal, Credit Card & Credit orders are manually verified by a member of staff to ensure details match both the billing portal and payment processor. Bitcoin and AliPay payments are automatically verified. Users can get a 3 day money back on Stripe/PayPal orders, AliPay/Crypto are non-refundable.

    Any questions please ask!

    1 virtual machine max  
    1 core  
    1GB RAM  
    20GB SSD  
    1TB BW  
    1 IP  

    Order here

    2 virtual machines max  
    2 Cores (max 1 per VM)  
    2GB RAM   
    40GB SSD   
    2 IPs    
    2TB bandwidth  
    $3/mo or $24/yr

    Order here

    3 virtual machines max  
    3 Cores (max 1 per VM)
    3GB RAM 
    60GB SSD
    3 IPs
    3TB bandwidth
    $4/mo or $36/yr

    Order here

    4 virtual machines max
    4 Cores (max 1 per VM)
    4GB RAM 
    80GB SSD
    4 IPs
    4TB bandwidth
    $5/mo or $48/yr

    Order here

    5 virtual machines max
    5 Cores (max 1 per VM)
    5GB RAM 
    100GB SSD
    5 IPs
    5TB bandwidth
    $6/mo or $60/yr

    Order here

    6 virtual machines max
    6 Cores (max 1 per VM)
    6GB RAM 
    120GB SSD
    6 IPs
    6TB bandwidth
    $7/mo or $72/yr

    Order here

    Test IPs are available via a sales ticket, note in Las Vegas there is ****NO CN2/China Optimised routes**** for OpenVZ, for these you will need to purchase a KVM plan.

    Thanked by 1uptime

    anyNode.netLA & Miami KVM & Miami Dedicated Servers


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