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    New cPanel Licensing and Pricing Structure - thoughts?
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    New cPanel Licensing and Pricing Structure - thoughts?

    unusedunused Member
    edited June 27 in General

    Introducing Account Based Pricing

    The hosting industry has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and has long out-grown the licensing and pricing structure that we have used at cPanel. Effective immediately, cPanel's license structure and the way we price our products is changing. Our pricing and licensing structure will now be standardized for all of our customers and include multiple Tiers. This new structure defines the price of each license based on the number of Accounts hosted on the server, reflecting the value received by the owner; now, customers pay for only what they use. On September 1st, 2019, we will introduce Auto-Scaling Packages, Fixed Packages, and transition all existing monthly licenses to the new account based pricing and licensing structure.

    Which prices are changing?
    We are adjusting the prices of all cPanel licenses sold to our Partners, Distributors, and cPanel Store Customers.


    Partners preview your new pricing on Manage2:

    WHT thread - only linked because cPanel has responded to some there, proceed with caution.




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