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GridCP : New control panel for managing VPS servers
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GridCP : New control panel for managing VPS servers

jmginerjmginer Member, Provider
edited December 2018 in General

In our commitment to improve the quality and experience of using our VPS and to offer all the options that our customers demand, we have developed our own control panel...

Grid Control Panel or simply GridCP is a control panel for managing VPS servers. It gathers in a single interface all the necessary tools to manage a Cloud infrastructure at a professional level.

Coming soon, we will offer it under license so that any hosting company or provider of Cloud services can implement it.

Easy to use

With a clear interface and no distractions, in GridCP all options are in place to offer the user a simple and professional experience in managing their Cloud resources.

Cutting edge IaaS

GridCP has been developed with the latest advances in infrastructure virtualization in mind and we have provided it with a solid basis that allows us to implement any virtualization engine.

Initially we have implemented support for Proxmox KVM and in the coming weeks we will start the implementation of OpenVZ 7 servers.

We don't rule out adding new engines like OpenStack, VMware or LXC.


Backup management has always been the functionality most demanded by our customers and now with GridCP we bring you a new and efficient way to make and restore backups.

Every day we make a complete backup of all the VPS managed by GridCP, keeping 2 copies of each of them, but additionally users can run an immediate backup task.

All the backups are available so that you can restore them in case of necessity when you want and the backups that you have created are stored until you decide to eliminate them.

All backups are automatically sent to a remote server.

Floating IPs, geolocation and RIPE whois

A handicap when changing servers is the complexity of reconfiguring services to use a new IP and we have solved this problem in GridCP.

You can move IP addresses from one server to another from the panel itself and the change becomes effective immediately.

You can also edit the geolocation and whois of IP addresses, thus providing a real white label service.

External security audit

Hispasec Sistemas S.L. is one of the most important companies in Spain that carry out security audits and it is in them that we are trusting to continuously monitor our development.

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