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Any good cloud hosts like Digital Ocean/Vultr? (Location, ease of changing servers etc)
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Any good cloud hosts like Digital Ocean/Vultr? (Location, ease of changing servers etc)

I would love to find another gem like Vultr or Digital ocean with good locations, reasonable prices and pay what you use models where you can delete and create as you wish. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  • rm_rm_ Member

    Scaleway only has Paris and Amsterdam, otherwise another good option, cheaper too.

  • SecureDragon

    Uptime monitoring for the masses. NodePing

  • What's wrong with the ones you mentioned already?

  • atomiatomi Member


  • NodePing said: SecureDragon

    That wouldn't have occurred to me but you're right. You can move your VPS from one DC to another, I think. I don't know if data is preserved though. @KuJoe ?

    For LET support, please visit the support desk.

  • Securedragon does not function at all like Vultr,DO and they only have KVM in 1 location.

  • We provide residential IP based cloud solutions. What is your use case for these servers?

  • pikepike Member

    Hetzner, but the locations are both in germany.

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  • juju said: good locations

    What locations do you want? The main multi-location one not already listed is AWS, but there are a few single-location ones with hourly and cloud-like services, e.g.,,,,, etc.

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  • FHRFHR Member, Provider

    OVH Public cloud works fine.

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    SkylonHost - affordable hourly-billed KVM VPS in Prague, CZ!
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  • eva2000eva2000 Member
    edited March 2018

    ease of changing servers as in locations within their datacenters ?

    Linode probably has the easiest and fastest method of migrating within each Linode datacenter as transfers happen at between 140-200MB/s within same datacenter at least and probably slower than between datacenters but even other providers don't have within same datacenter transfer speeds as fast as Linode.


    ok migration speed between data centers

    When you initially create a Linode, you must select a location for it. However, one of the biggest advantages to working on a cloud host is that your Linode’s location can be changed at your discretion.

    You’re able to power down your Linode, configure its migration, and then transfer it to a different datacenter. When you turn the Linode back on from its new location, it’s as if nothing has changed.


    Transfer Speed
    At the longest, you’re looking at about 10–15 minutes per GB to transfer data between datacenters. This size (and thus, transfer time) is calculated on your entire disk images, and not just the data stored on them. This means if you have a 24GB disk with 6GB of data stores on it, the migration will account for 24GB of transferred data, rather than 6GB.

    When you are migrating between more proximate datacenters, such as within our four US facilities or from Tokyo 1 to Tokyo 2, you can expect much quicker transfer times. If you need to keep your Linode/website running during this time, I recommend first cloning your Linode, then transferring that new one.

    If you mean just spinning up/down VPS check out and as well their locations compliment each other nicely.

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    * Centmin Mod LEMP Stack Quick Install Guide
  • cpsdcpsd Member

    I recommend you @vmhaus with his Bonsai control panel. If I am not wrong, there are two locations and the one in UK is working great.

  • GodsGods Member
    edited March 2018

    @Rescloud said:
    We provide residential IP based cloud solutions. What is your use case for these servers?

    Could you not spam? You only offer 1 location in Washington DC.

    Also he said "reasonable prices" you guys charge like $50 for 1 GB of ram

    Alex on Discord. BunnyCDN give me a hoodie, thanks.

  • @raindog308 said:
    I don't know if data is preserved though.

    It is. Your VM gets stopped, packaged up and then relaunched in the new location.

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  • Linode or Hetzner?

  • lurchlurch Member

    Been using hetzner cloud for a couple of months, impressed so far

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  • williewillie Member
    edited March 2018

    FHR said:

    OVH Public cloud works fine.

    Hmm. I mentioned them as a single-location provider but they are actually in multiple locations (FR, DE, UK, PL, and CA, plus non-cloud servers in additional places). Nice.

    But despite the sandbox instances I don't think they're in the same LET-friendly market as Vultr etc. Their cheapest instance under the "public cloud" label is the B2-7 at $26.40/month rented monthly, or 2x that much rented hourly. That's 7gb ram, 2 vcores, and 50gb ssd: dedicated resources but still pretty expensive compared to other stuff that's out there including actual dedis. And they charge even more for it at some locations (UK, DE).

    I can't tell Upcloud is at LET level. Let's say that means you can rent an hourly instance at less than $7/month proportionately. shows a preconfigured 1GB instance at $5/month but it's not clear if you can rent it hourly. The hourly instances they do show start rather higher.

    Actually it looks like even the cheapest OVH sandbox instance (basically VPS-SSD-1) is $10/month if you rent it hourly, so that's out of range too.

    Does anyone know if OVH caps hourly charges to the monthly rate, if you use the server enough hours in a month?

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