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YmpkerYmpker Member, Provider
edited February 13 in Requests

Looking to use this 24/7 with openvpn on my second (vpn) router through which I chromecast and watch US TV shows. Need lots of bw, 1 Gbit/s shared if possible to stream video content flawlessly. Other specs: Just enough to run OpenVPN just fine.

If it's gonna be cheap I will only go for reputable providers, if it's above the 10$/y mark I might wanna be able to test it before purchasing. Netflix ip block DOES NOT matter. I only wanna unlock other US video content from streaming providers that have no blocking measures in place. Don't need it diehardly just gonna grab it if tje price is right the reason being mainly that Nordvpn servers are overloaded and I only get 4 mbit/s on Speedtest :/

@AnthonySmith @Awmusic12635

Perhaps? | Shared cPanel Hosting 10GB SSD only 5€/year : Click


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