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Message from ServerHand
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Message from ServerHand

ServerHandServerHand Member
edited December 2017 in General

Dear LowendTalk;

I started ServerHand in July 2016 in an attempt to slowly build a hosting company. VPS services finally got off the ground in June of 2017. On Black Friday I offered a KVM hosting plan that quickly overwhelmed me, and I thought based on the few dedicated hosts I had purchased in the past I could expand and weather the storm. 120 VPS later ($1200) I found myself needing to quickly expand my dedicated servers and didn't factor in the long term cost of these servers. I panicked.

Folks are asking where the money went -- here's a breakdown --

$755 of this money went to Quadranet for three E3 hosts, and an order for an e5 to attempt and host these customers. (e5 was to replace all the servers since they were adding up fast and the quality wasnt great

$200 went to ReliableSite for an E5 host.

$124 went to Exelion for existing server bill.

$20 went to Callcentric for business phone.

When the storm passed, and I realized that in retrospect I did not have the experience to handle growth from 30 clients to 150 clients overnight.

Where do we go from here:

  • I decided, given cost, shutting down the Quadranet E3 hosts was the best thing to do.
  • I am going to refund all 120 users who purchased services. It would be extremely helpful if people didn't dispute the charge -- you've got 180 days -- and disputes will slow down repayments for others.

  • I expect to refund folks based on purchase time/date through Paypal. As the funds were mostly depleted by the hosting partners, I am literally self-funding refunds. I have a check being deposited today into my account at :4pm today. Refunds should start going out shortly after that.

-- ServerHand

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