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What should I do with this provider

What should I do with this provider

My domain provider account compromised

First of all,

  1. Sorry for lengthy post
  2. I have no intention to do any black campaign for any provider


I registered my domain ( to this provider 2+ years ago. It's paid annually at February using Paypal's pre-approved payment. It all went well until yesterday I received a notification from Paypal saying that I have authorized a payment which I don't recognize (Different amount and different time).

I tried to login to my domain provider dashboard and failed. I also tried to request password reset, but I don't receive any email and I don't think it even send to my email address (the message says an email sent to (dup***[email protected]****.com) which I don't recognize).

I contacted Paypal to cancel this transaction and Paypal seems to believe this transaction is valid. I'm still waiting for an answer how this is possibly happens from them.

As for domain provider, I don't think I have any hope to get my account back. Their customer service is just like a robot built with auto-answering templates and random response. A quick search on Google shows this issue is well known for this provider. I'm sure that I don't want to use any service from this provider anymore.


  1. Is there any way to get my money back?
  2. Is there any way to get my domain back?



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