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Searching DDoS Protected VPS in DE/GER
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Searching DDoS Protected VPS in DE/GER

pikepike Member

Hello everyone,
First of all some information: I host some gameservers and a public teamspeak on a dedicated server from server4you. Since the publicserver got famous and toplisted in germany we've got big problems with script kiddys ddosing us (There are different botnets). This is a big problem, because our server goes down every day (5x á 5-10minutes) and we're not able to play or talk anymore (Teamspeak offline while ingame is crap!). So I rented a vps at easehosting because they made a thread at wjunction where they talk from ddos protected vps. The sad true is, that our vps was down on the first evening and is still offline now -.-(still waiting for reply on a ticket).

What I need is: A DDoS protected VPS with at least 256mb RAM for maximum 25€/month. Idk about the strengh of the ddos at my server, but I only found about professional DDoS protection services for >100€ which is too much :(



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