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Looking - 5gb HD, 50gb bandwidth - OpenVPN Friendly
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Looking - 5gb HD, 50gb bandwidth - OpenVPN Friendly

badpatrickbadpatrick Member
edited July 2013 in Requests


I am looking for a provider that will allow me to run the OpenVPN service. This will be protected single user only, for myself. The majority of my surfing is done without VPN, but I do visit several conspiracy websites that I will use the VPN for. It will not be used for anything malicious, it's only for privacy concerns.

I will also host a single website that runs on the Joomla platform that will discuss current political and science news. Hope I'm not coming off too nutty, but I want to be honest when it comes to what I'll be using the service for. I've been finding some great offers but I see most hosts do not allow VPNs, regardless of being commercial or private.

no support/unmanaged is fine
host country/server location doesn't matter
5gb space
50gb bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address

looking to spend $7 US equivalent or less :)

Thanks for looking!
Btw, 1st post!

::If you are not familiar with OpenVPN


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