[RamNode] 15% OFF FOR LIFE! RAID10 SSD VPSs from $3.40/mo [1Gbps - E3 CPU - OpenVZ]
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[RamNode] 15% OFF FOR LIFE! RAID10 SSD VPSs from $3.40/mo [1Gbps - E3 CPU - OpenVZ]

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RamNode - High RAM, Low Price - Unmanaged OpenVZ VPSs on RAID10 SSDs


About Us

RamNode exists for one purpose: to provide affordable VPSs with powerful features. Our years of hosting experience as both clients and providers have inspired us to offer the kind of hosting that clients want at the kind of prices clients want to pay. Though our prices are low, we never sacrifice quality or performance. We know that our best assets are our loyal customers, so we strive to provide hosting they will rave about to their fellow internet users. Our VPSs are perfect for a wide range of applications. With our top quality hardware, we can guarantee that our clients will get the most bang for their buck.

Our SuperMicro enterprise grade servers are stocked with Intel 320 and Samsung 830 SSDs in lightning fast RAID10 arrays. Our servers provide incredible I/O as well as the safety of drive redundancy. We use powerful Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge E3 Quad Core processors on our VPS nodes. These CPUs run at a minimum 3.2GHz per core. CPU is allocated on a fair share basis per VPS, only limited by the number of cores in each plan.

Currently, our VPSs are hosted in Dallas, TX. We plan to expand our offerings to Atlanta soon.


VPS Features

In addition to our great hardware, each VPS comes with the following features:

SolusVM control panel
1Gbps fair share port speed
Daily remote backups


VPS Plans

We have several predefined plans, and we offer custom packages upon request.


RAM: 256MB
VSwap: 256MB
Cores: 1
1 IPv4 Address
500GB Bandwidth

Price: -$12.00/qtr- $10.20/qtr | Order Now


RAM: 512MB
VSwap: 512MB
Cores: 2
1 IPv4 Address
1000GB Bandwidth

Price: -$6.00/mo- $5.10/mo | Order Now



How long does VPS setup take?
Your VPS will be setup INSTANTLY upon receipt of payment (unless we happen to be out of stock). Please note the related section of our AUP regarding Account Verification.

How can I pay?
We accept PayPal and Google Wallet.

How long have you been in business?
RamNode was founded in June 2012. We have been hosting in other professional capacities since 2006.

What's the best way to get help when I need it?
Our VPSs are unmanaged, but you can open a ticket for acceptable support requests. We are also available on Live Chat, Skype, and IRC.

What kind of hardware do you use?
Intel Sandy and Ivy Bridge E3-1230s (or better). All of our nodes boast RAID10 Intel 320 or Samsung 830 SSDs and DDR3 RAM.

How fast is your connection?
Our VPS nodes are connected to the internet at 1Gbps. Your VPS can use all of that speed on a fair share basis.

Do you have any speed tests?
Test IP -
100MB download - ramnode.com/100MB.test

Do you have any performance tests?

  1. VPSeer.com SSD VPS Performance Test (Intel 320 Node):
    UnixBench - 2448.4
    DD - 289
    IOPS Read - 90589
    IOPS Write - 29475

  2. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1164233 (Intel 320 Node)

  3. http://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/3531/ramnode-e3-1230v2s-and-samsung-830s-ssd-benchmark
    (Samsung 830 Node)

  4. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1170574

What operating systems are available?
We offer a variety of Linux 32 and 64-bit OS templates.

What kind of virtualization do you use?
Our VPSs run on the OpenVZ virtualization platform.

What control panel comes with your VPSs?
Our VPSs come with the SolusVM control panel.

Do you provide remote backups?
Yes, we take remote backups of each VPS image on a daily basis. We keep two backups (48 hours worth) in rotation. You can request a VPS restore through a support ticket.


Other Info

Affiliate System
Sign up for our affiliate system and you can earn a credit for your account of 10% from each invoice of new clients you refer to us.

Our reseller offerings will soon be listed on our site. Please contact us if you are interested in reselling our VPSs under your own brand.


Contact Us

There are a variety of ways you can contact us:
Sales: sales[at]ramnode.com
Support: support[at]ramnode.com
Billing: billing[at]ramnode.com
Skype: RamNode
Twitter: RamNode
Facebook: RamNode
IRC: #ramnode on irc.esper.net

You can also catch us on Live Chat or open up a ticket from the Client Area.

RamNode: High Performance Servers
NYC - LA - ATL - SEA - NL - IPv6 - DDoS Protection - AS3842


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