Euro2012, NOTFORNETOMX coupons
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Euro2012, NOTFORNETOMX coupons

prometeusprometeus Member, Provider
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This started out as a joke in the euro2012 thread when Italy won with Germany and got access to the final. @netomix declared to be an Italian - hater and hoped for the Spain to win.
Then I was suggestedd to introduce some specials in case of win of Italy, in a fun way as it was for the april fool coupon (a very discounted coupon with a few uses).
I thinked about this and decided to not link the coupons to the match and taken the opportunity to promote a bit our brand giving more vps at a decreasing discounted rates :-)


1) Only one coupon/one product per user
2) user must place the LET username in the order notes
3) user must be registered on LET before June 29th
4) The coupons can be used on the following service:
OpenVZ: VZ3 / VZ5
5) Coupons are applied ONLY on the semi-annual payment
6) Any abusive usage of the coupons will lead to the services termination and (maybe) a refund
7) setup will be manual

4 x 80% discount: NOTFORNETOMX80
6 x 70% discount: NOTFORNETOMX70
8 x 60% discount: NOTFORNETOMX60
12 x 50% discount: NOTFORNETOMX50
16 x 40% discount: NOTFORNETOMX40

Order here:

The VZ11 bargain
CPU: 4 Core
RAM: 3072MB
Hard Disk: 40GB
IP addresses: 1 IPv4, 4 IPv6
Dedicated internet bandwidth: 4000 GB
OS: Linux
Distribution: several template to choose from.
Control Panel: SolusVM
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Type: Unmanaged

Coupon code (35% recurring on semi annually and annually): 35OFFJ
Semi-annually: €31.2 , $40.3

Order here:

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