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[DONE] Exchanging VPS for status website
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[DONE] Exchanging VPS for status website

WilliamWilliam Member, Provider
edited June 2012 in Providers

Yes, i'm actually working on my Todo list (sort of at least)

Anyway, we need an external status website which should be NOT inside our network or any datacenter we use (or singlehomed to any carrier we have for that matter) - If anyone else has a similar thing in mind we could exchange a VPS to each other for it (kinda like Hetzner and Domainfactory have in Germany, just that they use PI space and colocation for no cost at each other)

Anyone up to it?

DC can not be:

Swiftway/Steadfast (Chicago)
Velia (DE)
EDIS Graz / EDIS Vienna (AT)
Goscomb (UK/FR)
Radore Istanbul (TR)
Portlane Stockholm / Nacka (SE)
ThorDC (IS)
Prometeus (IT)
Nine (CH)

(if Singlehomed) Carrier can not be:
Goscomb, UPC EU, I3B, Level3, Cogent, Vodafone IS, Init7


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