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Thoughts about the scale out?
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Thoughts about the scale out?

bookstackbookstack Member
edited July 2014 in Help

I have some services, such as elasticsearch and redis to run and they clearly won't fit into a single VM. As most providers won't support the virtual network, the service endpoints have to be exposed to the internet to serve others.

The high availability is not a concern here, I just want to harden the service endpoint to disallow malicious usage.

I could think of the following approaches:

  • password if the service supports it
  • iptable for IP whitelist
  • vpn? Should vpn be a point-to-point network?
  • tinc to create a mesh network?

I wonder has anybody has in this situation, and what is your preferred solution?

My site, powered by Netlify and Let's Encrypt.


  • NickMNickM Member

    I'm a fan of tinc for this kind of thing. The only other advice I would have is to make sure that you have the services only listen on the tinc interface.

  • FrankZFrankZ Member

    +1 for tinc

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