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Questions about setting up solusvm master/slave
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Questions about setting up solusvm master/slave

imzcnimzcn Member

I have a dedicated server and a separate offsite VPS. I'm setting up solusvm on the master/slave just for personal uses for the most part.

Is running my own DNS servers necessary, and if so, can I run one powerdns server on my offsite vps and one powerdns server in a vps on my slave? I know that sounds sloppy but I don't want to purchase more offsite vpss.


  • You can.

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  • imzcnimzcn Member

    In the eyes of the server gods is this really really really bad to do or just really bad? I figure if my dedicated goes offline then nobody is going to be able to reach it anyway, and if my offsite vps goes offline then I still have an onsite dns to catch inquiries.

  • RadiRadi Member, Provider
    edited July 2014

    @imzcn said:
    In the eyes of the server gods

    Pray them and they will answer.

    Joke aside, its not a bad thing to do.

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