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    2014 Q2 - Top Providers Poll
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    2014 Q2 - Top Providers Poll

    It's time for yet another provider poll, this time for quarter 2 of 2014!

    Just like last time, I am going to let you divide votes with a system called 'Dot Voting'. Those doing agile development may have heard of the term. So, from now on you get 5 votes to divide. It's completely up to you how you do that. You may give 5 providers 1 vote, 1 provider 5 votes, or distribute them.

    Valid examples:

    • Provider A: 3 points, Provider B: 2 points
    • Provider A: 5 points
    • Provider A: 2 points, Provider B: 2 points

    Invalid examples:

    • Provider A: 3 points, Provider B: 3 points
    • Provider A: 6 points
    • Provider A: 2 points, Provider B: 2 points, Provider C: 2 points

    ALWAYS note the number of votes you give. Except when you pick just one provider: I will default to five votes in that scenario. Otherwise: no number of votes listed means nothing will be counted! You are not obliged to use all your votes, but I recommend you do :-)

    Providers can't vote for their own company. When they do, those votes will be invalidated.

    Please note suspicious entrants may be removed. Voters should have been registered prior to the creation of this thread. In addition to that, you need at least 10 comments to vote!

    Enjoy guys!

    The deadline for voting is Saturday, July 12 at midnight UTC!

    I recommend Prometeus, the best provider ever!



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