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Best distro for via/S3G unichrome pro?
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Best distro for via/S3G unichrome pro?

MaouniqueMaounique Member

Hi, I have a problem!

For more than a day I try to get my Unichrome pro onboard card to work to the resolution of my new (second hand) monitor of 1920x1200. I tired a lot of drivers and modes, including those found by cvt, nothing seems to be working. If the resolution is non-native it looks wet and I got this monitor because the old one was hard on my eyes, and now cannot use it and gives me headaches. I cannot add a video card (only PCI and the only slot I use for wifi) so that is not an option. The XP driver works great, I thought it is a defective board and tried it, however, no luck with debian.

What i tried:
-via proprietary driver. Errors out in different ways in the various flavours i tried, even got older kernels it was designed for, compiled modules and all;
-openchrome works, but only to 1920x1080, that is the highest I saw it going. It is not enough as it has to be native. I dont need 3d, at least I dont hink so, this is an old box i only use because it is quiet and does not eat a lot of power.

I suppose I could use XP since it is mostly for RDP only, but it worked great with the old monitor in Debian. I am ready to give a try to another distro, need mostly rdp, radio, browsing, and some tv/dvd at times.
Does anyone have any experience with a distro that would fit? Installing is rather slow as it has a via c7 at 1 ghz.


  • I ended up using my proxmox testbox with this:

    It has the PSU fan removed to keep cool, though, and it is a small form-factor one, so it is pretty warm all the time. I wont be adding much load, but nevertheless, it might be the straw that breaks the camel.
    There is still the issue of disks clunking, but i can live with that, I guess.

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