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Best webserver for WHMCS?
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Best webserver for WHMCS?

BellaBella Member
edited April 2014 in Help


I currently have apache installed on the server that runs my WHMCS, but I was wondering if NGINX/litehttpd would be better.

What do you guys recommend?


  • If you're seeing concurrent traffic, NGINX would probably be better. Else, if you're not having an issue, Apache should be fine.

  • I think it more depends on what flavor of PHP you use like php5 vs php5-cgi vs php5-fpm. php5-ftpm has been preforming well and before hand I was using php5-cgi on a server that had ALOT of traffic.

  • NickMNickM Member

    My philosophy on web servers is "Use nginx for everything, unless you have a compelling reason to use something else (such as a major incompatibility)". nginx works fine for WHMCS.

  • nunimnunim Member

    There is no best?

    For WHMCS, I'd probably go with Apache, only because I'd want Mod_Security and your WHMCS install shouldn't have that much traffic where you need nginx.

  • VPNVPN Member

    I think Apache should be fine for most peoples requirements. Nginx is far better optimised though so if you expect a lot of business that in turn could amount to a lot of traffic then it might be worth going with nginx straight away.

    It will save you headache in the long run.

  • Right now I've been utilizing NGINX with PHP-FPM. From my Apache installation and regular PHP. With just Apache and PHP, beat the hell out of the webserver. After 40 concurrent hits, it seized. Switched to NGINX and PHP-FPM and now can sustain 250 clients safely with minimal timeouts or drops.

    But of course, your mileage may vary.

  • Use apache. Saving some MBs of RAM is not worth the hassle. Besides you probably want to have goodies like mod_rewrite, mod_security and .htaccess for your whmcs.

  • ngstargatengstargate Member, Provider

    Use lighttpd on 384MB VPS. Works without problem.

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