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BlueVM 64MB Box for Sale
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BlueVM 64MB Box for Sale

clarity_64clarity_64 Member
edited April 2012 in General

I bought this box because I thought it was a good deal, but I have no need for it. It was one of their specials. Here are the specs.

64 MB of Guaranteed RAM
128 MB Burstable
1 CPU Core (@1.8 GHz + (on 2.5 GHz+ cores))
5 GB of Storage
150 GB of Bandwidth
1 IP Address

I haven't used the box for anything so I can't comment on performance, but other people have said some good things about the provider. They have approved transfer, and you would just need to sign up with them to get it.

I am asking for $9. The service is next renewed at 3/23/2013.


  • I can offer you $6.40 (thats all i have atm..)

  • Let's see if anyone else shows up for it. If not, I will be inclined to sell it to you that price.

  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Provider

    $9 until 3/23/2013?

    Yeahh, I'll take that mate :).. PM me with details :) - Secure and Affordable VPN services - £9.99/year, Unlimited Bandwidth, 20+ Countries - Order Link

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