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DepotVPS Launched ... sorta.
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DepotVPS Launched ... sorta.

Shane_ElmoreShane_Elmore Member
edited March 2012 in General

Taking advice from users in the Frantech IRC channel, and some LET members, I am giving you, the user, a VPS starting at $4.75 a month. The reason I said "sorta" though is that I am only letting on trustful users right now, as in, people I feel like won't abuse the node, etc.

If you would like to pay less, me being 16 and all, use the code "OVZ20OFF" to get 20% off recurring.

Here is the form to PM me if you want one, and in exchange I will send you the WHMCS link:

Your Name:

Linux/LEB/Virtualization experience:
Why you would like a VPS from DepotVPS:
You agree to not abuse the server, actions such as not hosting illegal content, resource hogging programs or scripts, and/or anything that would get DepotVPS in trouble:

Here is our plans:

Closet (Plan 1, OpenVZ)

128mb actual RAM/256mb burst RAM
1 IP address
250GB bandwidth
Hosted in Chicago, IL
$4.75 a month

Storage Room (Plan 2, OpenVZ)

256mb actual RAM/384mb burst RAM
1 IP address
450GB bandwidth
Hosted in Chicago, IL
$6.00 a month

Warehouse (Plan 3, OpenVZ)

384mb actual RAM/512mb burst RA
2 IP addresses
650GB bandwidth
Hosted in Chicago, IL
$6.75 a month


Shane Elmore | Programmer In Progress



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