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[VPS] IKOULA launches new Flex'Server Linux
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[VPS] IKOULA launches new Flex'Server Linux

IkoulaIkoula Provider
edited March 2 in Offers

Hello LowEndTalk !

Available today, discover the new Flex'Server Linux by IKOULA, from €2.99 / month (excl. taxes).
And IKOULA offers you 5 GB of backup.

Details here

Have a great day !

Thomas - Technical Support -

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  • MerlincoolMerlincool Member
    edited March 2

    What is bandwidth limit and what's the port speed?

    EDIT: Got that 100 Mbps DUPLEX In and out, Unlimited

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  • notarobonotarobo Member


  • @Ikoula said:
    It is a virtual dedicated server that combines the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of a virtual machine.

    What's the CPU policy on these? The statement above makes me think this is offered as a VDS type of deal.

  • LTnigerLTniger Member

    Pretty massive price for hdd and unnamed cpu. Subpar product.

  • miumiu Member

    @LTniger said:
    unnamed cpu.

    What is CPU? It should be defined.

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  • lebidulelebidule Member

    Any let voucher ? :)

  • What is the purpose of having 5GB backup for a 25GB hard drive? Reminds me of Hostgator bait and switch to make you pay for usable backup space as the allowed amount is useless.

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