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Cheap VPS in JP for VPN
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Cheap VPS in JP for VPN

Hi, I'd like to have a cheap VPS in JP to setup am openVPN for my personal use.
The month bandwidth is expected to be at most 50GB.
I hope to get one below 10 USD per year.

Alternatively, I can spend a bit more to run not only VPN, but also some of my applications.
In that case, the VPS should have an acceptable single CPU core performance (GB5 scores > 600, the more the better), although the average CPU consumption of my applications is low (only around 10%).
And I need 1 GB RAM, 5 GB disk. Currently I am using Linode which costs 5USD per month, and thus anything cheaper than that would be good.

QuantumCore :) Webhorizon :) LittleCreek :D Clouveo ;) RackNerd ;) NexusBytes :* Novos :p NaranjaTech :*


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