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Commonly used aggregation ratios & how often is RAM oversold?
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Commonly used aggregation ratios & how often is RAM oversold?

Just interested in data. What are some commonly used aggregation ratios (number of virtual CPUs per physical thread)? How often and how much is RAM a HDD/SSD oversold? Thanks

BTW: For three commonly used hostings in Czech Republic, the aggregation is usually 1:4 and RAM is usually not oversold. But I know of one cheap hosting that offers way more virtual cores per physical thread than 1:4 and possibly oversells RAM, and the performance during peak hours is just really painful (i.e. the latency in SSH was 1 second during christmas and simple Java Spring + nginx website wouldn't load, really really disgusting).


  • SplitIceSplitIce Member, Provider

    Ram overselling on KVM is a more annoying to implement than CPU overselling. That does not mean it's impossible, just more difficult to do (and more difficult to hide). I'd say it's not that common, particularly by any noticeable amount.

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  • Normally a node with 256GB RAM should have less than 256 VPS if the provider is selling 1CPU, 1GB RAM KVM. CPU can be oversold with fair-usage policy of not using more than 15% of the virtual core (thread) for x amount of time. HDD/SSD are mostly oversold in shared hosting environments and VPS too! Host can add more disks to the node if customers grow, and can even move customers to empty node if 1 or 2 are using full SSD space allotted. But now there's block-storage you get 250GB storage at $1.50/mo or so!

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