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Any experiences with myLoc/Webtropia?
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Any experiences with myLoc/Webtropia?

I am eyeing the root server offers at myLoc/Webtropia and would like to hear about how are they as a host when compared to the other German hosts with similar offerings like netcup and Contabo. They both seem to be quite a big provider in Germany. I've tried to look for reviews here but most of them are a bit old...

More specifically, I want to know if CPU performance for their root servers are okay (not too oversold) and how their traffic limits work in practice. Their root servers come with 1000 Mbit/s NICs, and their traffic policy implies that each server will be only allowed to use 5TB at full speed, and be throttled to 200 Mbit/s. But from the reviews I've read, some people say this limit is not enforced, or is enforced at 100TB, etc.


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