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Any alternatives for
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Any alternatives for

Looking for alternatives for is good, but I wish to know whether any similar services are there which is having better performance or features. Image resizing and webp compression is my most loved feature.


  • BunnyCDN (aff link) has Bunny Optimizer which does WebP compression, image resizing, etc. But the pricing is quite high ($9.5/mo on top of normal CDN fees).

    You could however, use BunnyCDN on top of statically (put "" as the origin, and enable browser WebP support on cache key), but I wouldn't recommend that.

    Gumlet is another option, which is still expensive, but does include CDN. However, Gumlet CDN's performance would be worse than Statically, and you should use the higher end plan to get Cloudfront access.

    TBH I'm not sure why Statically isn't setting Cloudflare to cache images and just proxy it, especially since they seem to be on the enterprise plan. Cloudflare's CDN is superior to fastly IMO

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  • vyas11vyas11 Member
    edited September 13

    Image resizing and webp compression is my most loved feature.

    How many images/month are you looking at? Are you only looking at
    image compression
    URL based transformation
    All of the above?

    Depending on need, there are
    Options aplenty:
    For WO
    From Optimole (500/month) to Tinypng CDN (Super pricey) to Shortpixel AI (who use Stackpath IIRC) etc.

    Non WP
    Gumlet (also WP) is good we use them.
    B2+ CF
    Spin up an instance of Cloudjiffy @leapswitch

    I had written a multi part series in the topic a while back. you can find some more options there.

  • cdn easy to use without jetpack, i've using it for almost 2 years without any block

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