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HosterlabsHosterlabs Member, Provider


Today I come with you with brand new offerings. As many of you know the Mexican Independence Day is approaching and therefore I have decided to celebrate with some quite good offers for you all.

These offers include OVH Anti-DDoS , located in Beauharnois, Canada and they are mounted on these nodes:

Intel Xeon-E 2288G ( 8 Cores / 16 threads ) Max Speed @5Ghz with overclocking.
128GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz
2 x 1TB NVMe in RAID 0 ( So if one drive fails, data is lost) Nevertheless, we keep remote backups of all servers. You should not trust our backups as much, as we are seeing some failures these days on the system. We are repairing them as of now.
10Gbps Downlink (Bursts) 2Gbps Uplink (Bursts)

Looking Glass :

Excellent connectivity to Europe and the US.


CPU Intensive Offer

Space: 25 GB NVMe
CPU: 3 vCPU (Fair Share)*
Speed: 1Gbps Unmetered**
KVM Virtualized
Price: 7$/Month
Link :

Low End Offer

RAM: 512MB
Space: 10GB NVMe
Speed: 1Gbps unmetered**
KVM Virtualized
Limited Stock
Pricing: Quarterly at 5$/mo
Link :
**Acceptable use policy applies.

Nvme High Storage offer:

Space: 150 GB NVMe
Speed: 1Gbps unmetered.**
KVM Virtualized
Price: 7$/Month
**Acceptable use policy applies.

Upcoming offers:
Many IPv4's ( 4 IP's for 7$/month)
Ram Intensive nodes ( 8GB of RAM for 7$/month)

All of the offers are limited stock, as we do not intend on overselling the nodes.

**Acceptable use policy for unmetered bandwidth at 1Gbps:

We advertise on some nodes and some plans speeds of 1Gbps, this speed is available to all nodes. We sometimes limit this speed to maintain reliability of the server in case we detect prolonged use of a lot of bandwidth at a very high speed 5+ TB. This limit will never be under 200Mbps. Some variation of the speed is also to be expected, as the nodes have a shared 2Gbps port for Bursts or 1Gbps guaranteed.

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  • capric98capric98 Member
    edited September 11

    Got a low end one.
    The network and IO are great(RAID-0 lol), but I'm wondering why AES-NI is not supported?
    It will significantly harm the throughput of AES depended applications(for example TLS1.3).

  • HosterlabsHosterlabs Member, Provider


    AES-NI is not enabled by default because the CPU Host passthrough is not enabled. Just need to open a ticket so we enable it for you.

    Best Regards!

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