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Suggestion for a used 10Gbe switch
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Suggestion for a used 10Gbe switch

Looking to upgrade home lab to 10Gbe. Any suggestion for a small/used 8-16 port switch?


  • cociucociu Member, Provider
    edited September 8

    Microtik have something in arrownd 400-500 dollars with 8 10ge port (new one) , maybe second hand will be less. ..

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  • Would suggest anything from Microtik, great switch, and on a plus side has a setting for everything on it's control panel.

  • We have used Ubiquity US-16-XG-US aggregation switches in the past, but they are not nearly as good as the Mikrotiks. Junk interface and built for home users.


  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider
    edited September 8

    Depending on what you’re looking to learn in the lab. Juniper? Cisco?

    Also what code version are you looking to learn on ?

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  • I've been using ceph/openstack for a variety of stuffs and getting by with 10Gbe cards and a linux bridge to connect the servers. Ceph is eating away all the bandwidth I could throw at it. With dual port 10Gbe cards so readily avail and inexpensive now, 4x10Gbe LACP upgrade is very doable.

    Anyway, I found this Fujitsu XG2000R, PD-XG2040FC, 20 Port 10GB Switch, Dual Power Supplies on fleebay for cheap. Enterprise stuff. Hope it works.

  • alwyzonalwyzon Member, Provider
    edited September 9

    Didn‘t touch Mikrotik yet. But, there are multiple indicators which could be interpreted as warnings signs (frequently changing their architecture, very slow on the software iterations, and suspiciously cheap prices). Ubiquity has some nice stuff, but they are more targeted to end-users and offices, not necessarily datacenter equipment.

    If you would be willing to go for used stuff, maybe check out Dells N4000 series which also includes some SFP+ versions and they are rock solid devices. Used Cisco or Juniper SFP+ equipment is still rather expensive.

    If you would be looking for new equipment, maybe check out Didn‘t try their switches yet, but they are at least a reliable retailer for all kind of fibre and rack equipment.

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, I missed the „home lab“ part when reading your post the first time. Well, then maybe give MikroTik a try and share your experience. Just wouldn‘t use them for mission critical stuff.

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  • VPSSLIMVPSSLIM Member, Provider

    You can try a Juniper EX4300 (has 2x 10G port as well). - Cheap Virtual Private Servers - Instant Setup | Like us on Facebook
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  • I've got the MikroTik CRS309-1G-8S+IN, fantastic box if you just want it to be a switch.
    The 10G copper SFPs do get hot but if you just want fiber/twinax DAC then you're good.

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