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Plex at Hetzner
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Plex at Hetzner

Is anyone running Plex at Hetzner and streaming to the US?


  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider

    No but while I used to complain about speeds from Hetzner to the U.S., it has been better recently and I'm able to get at least 200-300Mbps to most U.S. locations, so it should be fine.

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  • hzrhzr Member, Moderator

    500Mbps to California here, no big deal with streaming

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  • use it every night - ex-42. never an issue.

  • YorkiSYorkiS Member
    edited August 2020

    @Xenos said:
    Is anyone running Plex at Hetzner and streaming to the US?

    I've used a ex42 HDD and playback is fine until 1080p remux also sometimes I was able to playback 4k remux without any issue. My ISP is Comcast and when I had this server I had 300Mbps.

  • Make sure to turn GDM and DLNA mode off, I heard at Reddit on /r/seedboxes couple of times that DLNA mode and GDM scans sub-IP or something like that and then Hetzner will send you abuse complaint.

    Search for latest info, these links are like 2+ year old

    Lastly, my friend uses Cox Communications (it's an ISP in USA) and routing they do is not ideal so it was hard for him to max. out the connection/use full speed while plexing (like it would buffer a lot). So he did NGINX reverse-proxy via Cloudflare DNS and it solved the problem of buffering for him. That Reverse proxy thingy was too hard for me, so he installed it on my Kimsufi France server and I feel it is more smoother/less buffering.

  • I am on Cox too and stream from Hetzner with Plex with no major outstanding issues. If it's you and a handful of friends it will be OK. But if you're running large servers, you'll find constrained power (of course depends on many factors).

  • GoonGoon Member

    I stream and usually don't get peering issues but they do arise occasionally. I'll usually hop on VPN and that fixes it. I'm on east coast as well. You can also configure plex behind cloudflare CDN which helps

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