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    Live chat support with screen share
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    Live chat support with screen share


    Did you some livechat like where is possible share screen?


    • PureVoltagePureVoltage Member, Provider has it or it's coming at least that's what they have said for years. :open_mouth:

      PureVoltage Colocation with 6 Global locations, Seattle, LA, New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Amsterdam

    • Addons cost 29$ at monthly if pay yearly.
      But im looking for also other live chat.

      I hope more cheap

    • You'd want to integrate a web-app or script to handle that if you want to keep costs down. Several available for purchase on places like CodeCanyon, etc. - Affordable VPS and Web Hosting | - Affordable VPN
      +++ All profits donated to PDX community programs.

    • UnixfyUnixfy Member

      You might be able to integrate whatever support solution you're using with a tool like (works kind of like Teamviewer)

      Thanked by 2t0ny0 chiccorosso

      me // discord: Unixfy#3061

    • Unixfy thank you for your advice! I will test soon

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