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    ehlo command not found
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    ehlo command not found

    Hey everyone!

    So Im trying to install my own mailserver :D Im following a guide from Google for Debian and when I ehlo localhost, the console says command not found. May I pls know what is missing that I should install? @AuroraZ @jar


    I'm stuck


    • webdevwebdev Member

      lol, you need telnet to your SMTP port, then type ehlo localhost

    • hehe so telnet wasnt installed? I will try to install it and report back. Thank you

      I'm stuck

    • @webdev telnet is already installed but still

      -su: ehlo: command not found

      I'm stuck

    • webdevwebdev Member

      that means telnet can't connect to your smtp port, so it's quit, you need type that in telnet...

    • webdevwebdev Member

      for example, telnet 80, and you will know what's it looks like...

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    • sanvitsanvit Member
      edited January 1

      You should telnet to localhost:25 (telnet localhost 25) then EHLO

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    • tetechtetech Member

      He is trying to type ehlo in a shell as a shell command rather than as part of SMTP protocol.

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    • Ohhhhh thank you everyone so ehlo is command of telnet not of the console! I tried it and it worked!

      I'm stuck

    • timelapsetimelapse Member
      edited January 1

      telnet localhost 25
      Connected to localhost.
      Escape character is '^]'.
      220 myhostname ESMTP Postfix (Debian/GNU)
      ehlo locahost
      250-SIZE 10240000
      250 SMTPUTF8

      I'm stuck

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