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Standalone email service for different domain name?
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Standalone email service for different domain name?

My business has an old domain name that is long, 18 characters. We currently use that domain name for email. I use Virtualmin to host the domain on a server. About a year ago, I bought a 5 letter domain that is an acronym of the long domain name. I've been thinking about trying to create an email only service with this domain that I could use in parallel to the emails we currently have. We could then slowly start switching over to the email from the shorter domain name. The idea is to make it easier on our customers to email us.

I see a few providers on here that offer email only services. Would my idea work with this type of service? If you were me, what would you do to create this email only service, buy a service or create and host your own? I have enough capacity on the dedicated server that hosts the longer domain name.


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