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HAProxy not load php file
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HAProxy not load php file

hi everyone,
I have a problem with Haproxy, I'm making 3 Google Cloud VPS to learn HAProxy.
1 vps for HAProxy using centos 7

The other 2 vps for website nodes use centos 7 too.

when the html folder on my website vps is filled with index.html the load balance runs smoothly,
but when i change the two vps node of this website to index.php access from ip loadbalance HAProxy 503 service is unavaiable. even though when I access the IP node, a normal website can run php files.


  • reditredit Member, Provider

    Sorry but what are you changing. HAProxy is just that a proxy and will pass the request to the backend server.
    If you web server loads a static HTML file but not a PHP file I would guess that your backend server configuration is incorrect.
    Without seeing your confirmation I can't help anymore if you want DM me your confirmation file from HAProxy and I'll have a quick look.
    As a side thought can you get the PHP file to load if you go directly to the backend from an external client.

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