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    Looking for Secondary NS hosting (Webmin/ bind)
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    Looking for Secondary NS hosting (Webmin/ bind)

    I have one VPS which I use for both primary and secondary NS. I want to move the secondary NS to a provider (trying to achieve some redundancy).

    How much memory is needed to run Webmin/ Bind for the secondary NS ONLY?

    I am looking for a cheap provider which can provide a couple of IPv4.
    Any offers?

    Ill prefer US/ UK.


    • JackJack Member, Provider
      edited July 2013

      I do a $15/year deal in UK/Buffalo/TX and Chicago if you are interested.

      RIPE NCC member | Contact me for IPv4 & IPv6 & ASN

    • What are the specs?

    • JackJack Member, Provider
      edited July 2013

      [OpenVZ] 128MB $15/year in US/UK

      Dedicated RAM: 128 MB

      Disk Space: 10 GB


      Dedicated IP's:1 IP

      RIPE NCC member | Contact me for IPv4 & IPv6 & ASN

    • OpenVZ/SolusVM

      256MB RAM

      10GB HDD

      500GB Bandwidth Transfer

      IPv4 = 2



      $3/mo. or $36/yr.

      If you like to discuss more PM us.
      Will also create custom order link for you.

    • anyNodeanyNode Member, Provider
      edited July 2013

      OpenVZ, 128MB RAM + 10GB Disk at $15/year. $0.50 for additional IPs. Will be located in Chicago. We also have a custom panel.

      anyNode.netLA & Miami KVM & Miami Dedicated Servers

    • rajprakashrajprakash Member
      edited July 2013


      Note that NSD is a good low memory replacement for BIND. It can even, in most cases, use BIND zone configuration files directly. Keep it in mind when evaluating your secondary NS requirements.

      Check out the NSD memory calculator here :

      Also, I've used this tutorial in the past to set it up.

      Signatures are to identify who I am. I'm me. Who the hell are you?

    • Thanks guys, I just was looking at, I may go with them. they have a generous 250k records limit per domain.

    • AsimAsim Member
      edited July 2013

      @plumberg I am using a 64MB OVZ from INIZ ( @Patrick ) and its working awesome as NS2

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