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    Video Encoding Server
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    Video Encoding Server


    I have around 30 videos each say 1 GB in size.

    Need to convert them into other formats and download back into my computer.

    So I need server till I finish the conversion.

    How long does a 1 GB video conversion to example hevc take?

    And what server should I buy for few days and cheap?



    • Why don't you convert them on your PC?

      i did NAT

    • It will take weeks on mine.

    • I use OVH when I need something like that. Get a server for a week, should be plenty of time. EG-16 should be plenty fast.

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    • Weekly server rentals or hourly. Install what you want and do what you need to do.

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    • using vapoursynth and hevc veryslow preset with some other parameters converts with about 5fps on the Xeon E3-1230 v2 (hosted at oneprovider in paris, 27euro/month). mine runs windows so i dont have to deal with compiling a patched x265 binary on linux.

    • FomatFactory is the best convert to mp4 avc ou hevc with two pass.

    • GTHostGTHost Member, Provider

      @devwhatsapp said:
      It will take weeks on mine.

      please contact us, we will provide you a good server for that. - Instant Dedicated Servers 24/7 - Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Santa Clara, Seattle, Toronto, Frankfurt
      Xeon E3 v3 from $49/mo. Delivery in 15 mins 24/7. No setup fees. Month to month. Linux auto-deploy. Looking Glass

    • PUSHR_VictorPUSHR_Victor Member, Provider

      Vultr's bare metal is at 60% off and is ideal for this. Compile FFMPEG with x265 and you are good to go.

    • try AWS's hourly-billed instance. Multi-core and high memory ram. It won't take too much time.

    • HEVC is pretty slow but you'd have to try on one or two of your 1GB videos to get a real idea. GTHost offered to help you with a temporary free dedi so I'd go with that. PUSHR_Victor mentions Vultr's hourly bare metal. That is probably overkill, but if the free credit promo is still on, it's hard to beat "free". Otherwise, use an hourly server from wherever, or several of them if you want to process the vids in parallel.

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    • mehargagsmehargags Member
      edited February 2018

      Get 2 or 3 hourly high-end VPS and split workload like 15 or 10 videos on each, would save you much time and probably money too!

    • Thank you everyone got a vultr bare metal 100$ free server , will work for 20+ days.

    • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Top Provider

      Look at the Ikoula server in ^ here ^ it has a GTX1070 to you can use CUDA and it will be done super fast compared to a CPU based encoder.

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    • Lol $172/m and I guess the Hetzner EX51-SSD-GPU is gone for good. Damn shoecoins. I'm glad the Ikoula GPU server is still out there, but it's way overkill for a small encoding task like this.

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    • FHRFHR Member, Provider

      OVH public cloud, billed hourly. They also have GPU instances.

      SkylonHost - affordable hourly-billed KVM VPS in Prague, CZ!
      Featuring own high performance network AS202297 | RIPE NCC member | Contact us for IPs/ASNs

    • DanSummerDanSummer Member
      edited March 2018

      We have a 4 core, 4GB server that converts 5-6 videos an hour ( around 1.3-1.5 GB each) from HD to 360p, and creates a 30-second sample at the same time.

      All you need is a vps package with dedicated cpu and you'll be fine. Absolutely no GPU needed.

    • Video encoding speed depends a lot on the parameters you choose. "preset faster" versus "preset slower" can easily lead to up to 3x speed difference.

      If you don't care about high encoding efficiency (i.e. quality per bitrate), encoding on a GTX 1050 using nvenc might be more cost effective.

      Using a cloud computing / rented server is a very expensive solution unless you are paid to cover the cost. I used to encode about 1 TB of animes and I ended up using soyoustart E5-1650 since I was paid enough to cover that cost.

    • WSSWSS Member

      @DanSummer said:
      We have a 4 core, 4GB server that converts 5-6 videos an hour ( around 1.3-1.5 GB each) from HD to 360p, and creates a 30-second sample at the same time.

      All you need is a vps package with dedicated cpu and you'll be fine. Absolutely no GPU needed.

      Free trial requested for your porns.

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      I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

    • use the AWS if you are one times. : web ping test service an internet host from 60+ locations in worldwide : Large Storage VPS, 1000G disk just $20/month .....

    • AWS Elastic Transcoder. Peace.

      768MB RAM, 2 vCPU, 50GB SSD, 1TB BW @ 5$ [Free Trial for 14 days] Grab now

    • @devwhatsapp How well is the vultr dedi working on your videos? I notice the Hetzner GPU server is available again with limited stock. If you want one for long enough to make the setup fee worth it, get it now ;)

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