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VMVPS Gold Awards (2013 Q1) result released!
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VMVPS Gold Awards (2013 Q1) result released!

edited April 2013 in General

Hello, guys, I am the administrator of, am independent VPS Blog from China. At the begining of the year 2013, I started to collect reviews about all vps providers. And try to give them a score. After 3 months collecting, I finally launch the results of 2013 Q1 VPS Gold Awards!

This results are based on 165 WHT posts, and details about scoring has been mentioned in the original post.

The Gold Awards go to


And I myself titled RamNode as the "Editor's Choice" Award (In fact, I have no idea about whom I should @, maybe you guys can help me about these ;P)

The original post is here:



  • I went there and my monitor started spitting out rice. No Engwish for me.

    It's UNCLEAR what criteria here or how these were collected. 165 WHT posts? Did you start a thread on WHT? Link please?

    Are any of these winners and editors choice even US West Coast... I know HudsonValley isn't... Ditto for RamNode... Strange results from a seemingly strange poll.

  • IvanIvan Member
    edited April 2013

    Sketchy. Other than RamNode, all the other providers I've never heard of.

  • KnownHost:
    Dallas, California and New Jersey

    Natcoweb: Clifton, New Jersey

    Weird a%% results.... Chinese like these locations?

    Talk about a slow boat to China...

  • bnmklbnmkl Member

    Mr RamNode is @Nick_A.

    They seem like possibly genuine results. KnownHost, RocketVPS, and RamNode have had great words mentioned about them here.

    Though, KnownHost and RocketVPS are the same host ?

  • @bnmkl said: Though, KnownHost and RocketVPS are the same host ?

    AFAIK they are o_O

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    @bnmkl said: Though, KnownHost and RocketVPS are the same host ?

    Yep, managed and unmanaged brands respectively.

    Not sure whether to trust Google Translate on that URL, but thanks!

    edited April 2013

    @pubcrawler Sorry for the inconvenience. I wanna use less words here to explain since I have typed too many Chinese words in my Blog. I collected 165 independent reviews. and score them fro VPS providers. Since all the reviews are from WHT, it can't stand for Chinese Clients. But you may also find that Chinese Clients do buy East Coast VPSes although they have poor connection to China Mianland for some reasons.

  • @VMVPS I know and uses HudsonValleyHost since Dec 2010 but I never heard of KnownHost, NatcoWeb, RocketVPS, WiredTree at LEB

  • So were the reviews from WHT part of a thread or just review randomly posted on WHT?

    Most of the companies picked for top, should have rather high latency and questionable paths to China.


    @pubcrawler In fact, i read all posts' titles and choose those which are "review" topic to score. Trust me, it really take me lots of time :(

    As to the second question, you are quite right. But this rate is mainly for reputation rate. To make it more clear, many Chinese have started an International business which can be regardless of this trouble. If possible, I will make a Chinese-Favor Rate one day. :)

  • The winners are sticky hosts with WHT who have been consistently spending marketing $$ there. They are good hosts, but not budget friendly at all ( exception of ramnode and rocketvps which is in the borderline actually)

  • JyleeJylee Member, Provider

    Why don't you write an English version?

  • @VMVPS said: But you may also find that Chinese Clients do buy East Coast VPSes although they have poor connection to China Mianland for some reasons.

    Mainly for VPN.

  • Facepalm over this contest. Beyond flawed.

  • CVPS_ChrisCVPS_Chris Member, Provider

    I really think this was well done. I applaud them for this review, very informative.

  • matt_securedspeedmatt_securedspeed Member, Provider

    This must have taken a lot of time and effort. Interesting to read (via Google translate). Congrats.


    Of course @CVPS_Chris thinks this was well done.


    Isn't that a CC based company? Buffalo, NY.... yeppers. Word has it, yet another offer posted from CC's internal IPs....

  • KrisKris Member

    @pubcrawler said: 1.HudsonValleyHost

    Isn't that a CC based company? Buffalo, NY

    HVH does use CC for pretty much all nodes. I do know backups nodes are off-network.

    @pubcrawler said: Word has it, yet another offer posted from CC's internal IPs....

    Keep in mind Ernie's in the Hudson Valley area (upstate NY) but not literally around / near ColoCrossing, so different IP areas.

  • zxsdwzxsdw Member

    wei mo ni hao, wei mo zai jian.

  • pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
    edited April 2013

    So does anyone actually colo other than @Francisco in Buffalo?

    My hypothesis is that VPS sellers get lured into Buffalo for one reason or another. Let's say pricing is a big piece of it, but other methods that are less savory. Then once they bite the lease to own dedicated servers they probably locked in place due to terms, personal credit guarantee, etc.

    When the providers can't pay the bill to CC, CC steps in and writes up offer and ships it to LEB. Money comes in and that goes to CC.

    Must be a provider on here that dealt with said scenario and ran like hell from CC.

    Who wants to speak of the horror?

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    I don't think you're far off the mark.

    Kris has been quite vocal about some of the RTO deals which seem to be quite popular.

    I know a few other people wanted to sign on the RTO's but they were really iffy.

    I got a friend that signed on for a rack with CC but he hasn't put a ton of gear there yet.


  • pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
    edited April 2013

    WTF happened @Francisco with EndofReality? They up and skiddled from CC... Escaped the slaughterhouse. Then look, banned from here and offers from past on LEB all pulled and quiet as cemetery about them.

    Everyone knows how long it was thought EOR was a front company. Now seems they weren't and up and broke ranks, maybe dumped their debt off and told CC to eat crow.

    I don't buy the BS. I read these CC based offers that get posted on LEB and knowing/researching the writing of folks behind many of these companies and past offers, the offers just don't jive with their writing. Not inferring at this point it's the same monkey writing the ads for the at risk/CC owner interest companies, but ummm yeah. Better get the lime out and hide the bodies good.

  • KrisKris Member
    edited April 2013

    @Francisco said: Kris has been quite vocal about some of the RTO deals which seem to be quite popular.

    I was more angry about any lack of SLA, and how it took a week for "dust in the uplink" to be fixed - only after back and forth with support, and being told "this is essentially colo hardware" and we would be charged remote-hands to check further.

    Also, 24 months to RTO a E3... in 24 months that hardware spec will be the Kimsufi Bons Plans.

    I don't work for Hudson Valley Host anymore, but I do know they were not co-lo'ing. They had RTO servers from ColoCrossing.

    I was just angry that when numerous kernels were causing panics, we were offered memtests during production hours. Never swap of drives to new hardware.

    Seeing those palettes of servers, and years in the industry lead me to believe our drives would be swapped to a new machine. Instead, you'll get HDD and memtests on production machines during live hours.

    I could say more but...


  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    @pubcrawler said: WTF happened @Francisco with EndofReality?

    I don't know. The aussy hasn't talked to anyone in many moons.

    I have my own opinions on CC hosts but I reserve that for the sake of them. A lot of people don't think things through and if I pointed out a lot of things, it wouldn't end too well.


  • @Kris said: dust in the uplink

    Dust in the uplink? Don't they have proper air conditioning and filtration there?

    Sure takes one dirty a%% facility to have enough dust bunnies to foul up an uplink. Or one dirty mouthed tech with the good old mouth blow hole to clean 'em, err, poorly.

  • I like and respect you @Francisco. In light of the above photo... I say run Forest, run.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider
    edited April 2013

    @pubcrawler said: I like and respect you @Francisco. In light of the above photo... I say run Forest, run.

    Thanks :)

    If it wasn't for the buyvm name I wouldn't be able to continue to charge the prices we do in light of everyone competing on resources and price. I've been told by a few hosts that have Buffalo boxes that 2GB VM's just don't really sell over there anymore so you have to be doing 3GB or have a very strong rep to make it move.

    Us? We keep a 99%+ sell out rate in NY and rarely get any cancellations. When we do it's literally a small handful that moves a few days later.

    Kris has a point on the RTO, somewhat. A 4 drive e3 runs about ~$1300. Assuming the RTO isn't $200/m just on the gear, CC isn't make a hell of a lot of profit. They're pretty much acting as a bank for you so they will want to collect some 'interest' on that RTO.

    $200 chassis
    $200 raid card
    $400 in drives
    $240 cpu
    $300 ram
    $100 for misc stuff (8087 cables, heatsinks, admin time to assemble)


  • pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
    edited April 2013

    I've been with more providers than I care to ever admit @Francisco.

    People buy BuyVM because you pull it off. The services work alarmingly well with far less resources being actually sold to folks than elsewhere typically (skip those KVM plans) :) Unsure about your current locations. Fiberhub, oh bandwidth diversity please. Buffalo, well hope you don't get buffaloed:

    tr.v. buf·fa·loed, buf·fa·lo·ing, buf·fa·loes

    1. To intimidate, as by a display of confidence or authority: "The board couldn't buffalo the federal courts as it had the Comptroller" (American Banker).
    2. To deceive; hoodwink: "Too often . . . job seekers have buffaloed lenders as to their competency and training" (H. Jane Lehman).
    3. To confuse; bewilder.

    Good services at low price, you could probably double sales in 12 months. Just saying. Supporting it another story though to handle said growth. Total gift horse you have created. Keep the ponies fed and happy.


    $1300 server sold for $200/mo @ 24mo RTO = $4800

    $4800 is almost 4x the server cost. Upticks, addons, etc. increase the RTO price. So other revenue streams.

    $4800 - $1300 = $3500

    $3500 / 24 months = $145.83/mo income minus any interest and other incurred costs that inflate the base $1300 server estimated cost.

    Maybe working with $120+ liquidity and have to take ping and power out of that. -$15 on power? Bandwidth = ??? depends on use...

    There's money to be made.

    In theory, 48U should be say 40 of these @ $75 left over working capital a month= $3k per cabinet Even if off on numbers, still cash flow positive. Could be more if higher density.

    Now once you "acquire" those clients or control via payment issues, that $3k per cabinet could multiply quite a bit.

    Heck I did this model with colo facilities many moons ago with them absorbing purchasing of $400k of gear and leasing to own back to us over 2-4 years depending. Only difference was no chance of them owning us/clients as use was solely for our products, so no paid data customers to assume.

  • concerto49concerto49 Member
    edited April 2013

    @pubcrawler said: So does anyone actually colo other than @Francisco in Buffalo?

    We colo with Multacom in LA, but we just haven't made any LEB offers on it yet.

    Buffalo sells have slowed since the crazy deals from CC hit and we haven't been growing in that area. Moved on to Texas and LA focus now.

  • @concerto49, do you remember if that's the facility (Multacom) you let me do some network testing/routes on? Was a new premium network mix... Whatever that was, if cost justified somehow, bring that to market. Quite nice.

    But the question @concerto49, was about Buffalo providers at CC. Haven't much else other than dedicated rentals there. Seems like an "issue" there... Mind you purely speculative but see the results in some weird offers from companies I think are floundering and cash strapped with CC.

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