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Email "blacklist" extortion
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Email "blacklist" extortion

DamianDamian Member
edited April 2013 in General

One of our shared hosting clients had his Wordpress installation compromised, and the attacker installed a PHP shell, then some scripts to send spam. By the time we noticed it, the email queue had grown to 240,000 pending emails queued.

Anyway, while cleaning up the blacklists:


$113 to click a button to remove the entry? Srsly? That's like a 100,000% markup.

Anyone want to become a terrorist organization and extort companies by join me in creating a blacklist that can be used to hold hosts hostage in return for ransom on their IPs for the greater good of the internet??



  • Should follow the warning on their website!


  • I know those for a few years.
    They blacklisted UPC and Romtelecom in Romania because have ppl with windows machines compromised.
    Let it expire in 7 days.

    Extremist conservative user, I wish to preserve human and civil rights, free speech, freedom of the press and worship, rule of law, democracy, peace and prosperity, social mobility, etc. Now you can draw your guns.

  • jarjar Provider

    Dang. Well 7 days isn't that bad. If I ran a blacklist I'd probably try to squeeze money out of it too ;)

  • t3k9t3k9 Member

    Just be careful with these extortionists. They will blacklist your subnet if they block more of your IPs (see level 2,3 blocks). They also have a "whitelist" service you can subscribe to for a fee of course. I find a lot of German sites use this blacklist.

  • @Damian You're missing an important point. No RBL is worth any reputation in and of itself without a standard FBL policy and request to delist form.
    You can find hundreds of these types of services. And no they are not worth your time.
    Other countries using them? That statement is, as put by the Daddy Mac, Wiggity Wack.

    I haven't looked into their requirements etc But yeah just keep your standard [email protected] mail accounts online and worry about the major RBLs.

    Also IMHO +1 for changing some Ips here. This is going to occupy some of your time over the next few weeks /Maniacal-Laugh

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