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[Review&SPECIAL OFFER]1Fichier - Unlimited File Hosting Storage & 100GB/mo CDN for 10€/Year
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[Review&SPECIAL OFFER]1Fichier - Unlimited File Hosting Storage & 100GB/mo CDN for 10€/Year

YmpkerYmpker Member
edited April 2017 in General

I have just received the following E-Mail from 1Fichier:


Our discounts are back again, only for the 1st May week-end :

1 year Premium from 10 € (-66%) !

1 year Access from 5 € (-50%) !

Do not wait to enjoy it, not forgetting your friends !

Being a customer with them for a while I have to admit I am quite happy with their services for the price offered. I have tested them for 30 days now (back to a free account rn) and can recommend them from my personal experience. I am not affilated with them in any way (although they do have afflinks but I will not post it here).

So what is so cool about this service? Well they are in buisiness since 2009 (so quite stable), operate their own network, and offer Unlimited File Storage for their Premium Plans along with 100 GB CDN Credits per month. Now usually the Premium plan is priced at 35€ which would make me hesitate but with the 10€ per year special coming up I am totally in :-)

I have made some screenshots to let you get an idea of how it will look like (no fancy design there though):


What they don't list here is the "inline" option you have in your files dashboard. If you mark a file as "inline" you can "stream it" in your dashboard if it was a movie/image file you'd be able to see it in dashboard. You can also create various folders to seperate files. You can also sign up totally anonymously aside from your payment method being the part where you could be tracked. While this also attracts some nasty people I thought I'd mention it because I, too, enjoyed it to just not having to throw my personal details at yet another provider.

Their own Network:

Since they only offer 10GB test files and most of them stopped working I have uploaded a 1 GB test file for download. You will see some ads before downloading (most likely some pop-up) but "For testing our services we will not limit your download speed" works every 24h when you access any download link by 1Fichier which makes sharing your files with friends more comfortable as they wont need a premium account of any sort to dl at full speed.

Test file:

Remote Upload & Download Speeds:

These are the dl speeds I measured with remote upload via URL. You can also upload via remote FTP which is great for backups :)

Expiration of Storage

The cool thing is even if you switch back to Free Account Status (like I am atm) your files acctually stay alive in your dashboard and the respective download links forever if you have been Premium Account before. My 100GB Test file has yet to be removed and so has the other one. This will still let you dl all your uploaded files without dl speed limits once every 24h by using their "Free Trial of our Services" where they dont limit your speeds :P


My CDN Credits did not expire either and I can - at any time - setup any of my already uploaded files as CDN :)

Legal/Mentionable stuff:


Abuse Procedure


This is a great File Hosting Service and for 10€/year for UNLIMITED Storage & 100GB CDN/month you can't really go wrong. They have a nice feature set (such as operating their own network), are situated in France and are in buisiness since 2009.

  • Are people abusing their services?

--> Probably yes, given the nature of their anonymous signup policy but non noticeable downsides on my end.

  • Is there a mobile app for managing 1Fichier files?

Yes, there is:

  • Can I also connect & download via FTP?

--> Yeah should be possible^^

Kind regards,

Oh and if you want to use my afflink (well, I do have one) you can kindly PM me :-)
Just felt like I would not post it here to avoid people drawing presumptous conclusions :P



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