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Looking for a VPS?

Looking for a VPS?

ChristopherMChristopherM Member
edited January 2012 in Help

Hey guys,

I'm just wanting some advice from the community here really. I have a budget of around about £10 P/M for a VPS and I will be using the VPS to host a semi-popular PHP application with MySQL(i). Here is some of the things that is a must:

  • ~100GB Bandwidth
  • MINIMUM of 100mb connection.
  • A stable provider who isn't going to collapse within a few months of service.

So can anyone give me some suggestions with the specs you thing I would require?

Thanks for your time!


  • jhjh Member
    edited January 2012

    Hi Christopher,

    What will you be hosting exactly? Do you know what specs you're after? Presumably you're looking for something UK-based?

  • Hey jtodd,

    The target market that I will be aiming for is non-eu based so a USA node if at all possible although I will settle for others and I'm hosting a GSP panel developed by myself that uses minimal resources and presumably I would be able to get a web stack running with Lighttpd on anything sort of in the ~256MB ram region.


  • @ChristopherM said: I have a budget of around about £10

    That's not LEB.

    Thanked by 1Mon5t3r
  • jenokjenok Member, Provider

    @breton said: That's not LEB. You've made the point :D

    @ChristopherM What is your requirement for RAM, HDD and virtualization ?

    HostingInside - Taiwan, US, UK, Germany XEN VPS Provider + RAID 10 + Daily & Offsite Backup
  • Hi Christopher

    The £10 per month exceeds the criteria for advertisements on this forum. You could take a look at for other deals. They often back link here if you needed the opinion of a forum member on

  • Why not going to quickweb?

  • That budget is alot for what you are asking in return, I recommend you take a look at

    AboveClouds • UK Company • UK Datacentre • UK Customer Support
    High Performance Pure SSD Cloud Hosting with a personal touch

  • With this budget you can almost get this specs from every lowend provider. You can't go wrong with quickweb or ramhost both are rock solid.

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