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Best Low End Shared Host (Performance Wise)?
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Best Low End Shared Host (Performance Wise)?

spitzspitz Member
edited October 2016 in General

Among the low end shared hosting providers, which one has the most powerful plan (CPU and RAM wise, Storage is irrelevant). Can't see anyone beating Buyshared awesome price (which includes a dedicated IP!) but I have been wondering for an objective comparison when it comes to performance wise. I especially need to know about:

  • Simultaneous server processes
  • Simultaneous connections from single IP
  • CPU seconds/program and Script executions
  • Average Process Execution time per day
  • Shared Service CPU usage
  • Server Memory per process
  • Inodes
  • Minimum Cron Jobs interval
  • DB Queris (how many % of the server resource?)

I can add some more questions about mailing but it doesn't really matter for the moment since I'm not running a spam service, just a micro forum that will scale up or down over time. The above list is taken from Siteground webhosting page as benchmark.

I read somewhere (here, forgot which thread) for buyshared non reseller range, you can't change your domain anytime you want countless of time. I'm a bit confuse about this, I thought with dedicated IP I can do that easily without bothering the host? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Edit: Mod, please change the tag if I'm choosing the wrong one.


  • arpanjotarpanjot Member
    edited October 2016

    I have an account with stable host and mdd and both of them are pretty solid for running forums. here are some stats I remember

    Stablehost - can be considered lowend if you grab their offers from wht or during black Friday

    process -100

    io 5120 kbs

    physical memory usage 2 gb

    max concurrent connections 25

    unlimited inodes( not sure, I think I saw that)

    mdd - not exactly lowend but really reliable and powerful shared accounts there.

    process 100

    io 5120 kbs

    physical memory 1 gb

    I ran a small xenforo forum on mdd, everything was fine but their routes to India were messed up. on contacting them I was simply told they cannot do anything about it since it is a problem from their DC, so I migrated to a vps. I still have an account with them though, let me know if you need further details.

    Thanked by 1spitz
  • imokimok Member
    edited October 2016

    I use HostXNow and according to cPanel:

    • CPUs: 2

    • IO: 30MBps

    • Physical memory: 2GB

    • Entry processes: 100

    • Number of processes: 1000

    • Can't see inode limit

    Actually it's not so cheap ($35/year for 30GB + free domain for the cheapest plan), but support it's really friendly and fast. With those specs I think the price is fine.

    Thanked by 1spitz
  • it is indeed tough to beat buyshared's ridiculous cheap pricing. Impactshared, hostus etc are close.

    If budget is not an issue, checkout the popular ones like MDD, Bigscoots etc.

    Thanked by 1Francisco
  • Can anyone share Buyshared stats for the non reseller range?

    Thanked by 1Francisco
  • +1 for impactshared, buyvm's pricing is great, but the resellers make the servers slow.

    Thanked by 1elflord
  • Love the low end guys listed above (BuyShared, ImpactShared), for a host that doesn't advertise here.. I'd say CrocWeb has been my favorite.

    I think they have a 60% off coupon floating around WHT, 3 years works out to something silly like $40. Haven't needed to ticket yet (year and a bit in), works great.

    Thanked by 2Francisco imok

    🐴 $2/mo 512MB KVM - Unmetered bandwidth. $1.25 for 256GB Block Storage - from BuyVM (aff)

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    @TheOnlyDK said:
    +1 for impactshared, buyvm's pricing is great, but the resellers make the servers slow.

    Shouldn't, the majority of the nodes sit < 10 load (24 cores) with the only spikes being during backups at night.

    Thanks for the interest!


    BuyVM - Free DirectAdmin, Softaculous, & Blesta! / Anycast Support! / Windows 2008, 2012, & 2016! / Unmetered Bandwidth!
    BuyShared - Shared & Reseller Hosting / cPanel + Softaculous + CloudLinux / Pure SSD! / Free Dedicated IP Address
  • imokimok Member
    edited October 2016

    Harambe said: I'd say CrocWeb has been my favorite.

    I have an account with them too, fast servers and support answers in a couple of minutes, always. One of the best.

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