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Has anyone used Crucial SSDs in servers?
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Has anyone used Crucial SSDs in servers?


I'm wondering if someone used or is using these SSDs in RAID production environment, and how do they scale. As far as I know most providers use Samsung or Intel SSDs. Can you also provide some benchmarks?

Model of SSD: CT240BX200SSD1


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  • ktkt Member, Provider

    BX200 is entry level with low endurance, use MX200 or the latest MX300.

    We have several dozen MX200 in use without any issues.

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  • I have been using crucial SATA SSDs and mSATA SSDs on my home server, laptops and a desktop for about 4 years now without any issues.

    Quite certain the newer models would be just as reliable.

  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider

    I've had an Intel SSD fail once, but I've never had a Crucial SSD fail. Don't recall the models though.

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  • XIAOSpider97XIAOSpider97 Member, Provider

    Recommend MX200. MX300 and BX200 are TLC.

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  • Not in a RAID configuration, but quite a few MXxxx in a variety of roles - mail/db/voip/file etc . . . excellent.

  • BrianHarrisonBrianHarrison Member, Provider

    We use a variety of different Crucial SSDs in our dedicated servers. We started introducing Crucial SSDs about three years ago and only have about 150 Crucial SSDs in service. Of those 150 Crucial drives, we've only had one failure so far.

    Some recent data on SSD reliability:

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