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Public Status Script - Page 3
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Public Status Script



  • @fresher_06 - the website says different. The website says that the client machines need a webserver.

  • @Raymii - I've sent you an e-Mail. I can't seem to get it working on
    Thanks for your help if you can offer it.

  • RaymiiRaymii Member
    edited December 2012

    @DeanClinton the website says you need a webserver, because that is what I use to transport the JSON files. It would require some modification to the PHP script, but the client and the server parts are completely independent. The client side generates JSON via bash, and the server part parses JSON into a nice layout.

    The server part gets the JSON files, but as @fresher_06 says, you can for example let the clients sftp the generated json files to the server, and let the server get them from localghost. (As in, client --> sftp --> server/var/hiddenwww, which listens only on localhost, [seperate server maybe], server localhost/files.json).

    I also replied to your email.

    And thanks to @fresher_06 for mentioning my program :)

  • DeanDean Member
    edited December 2012

    @BlueVM - I've been playing with your script and modifying it to suit my needs. So far, I've got it returning the info without the need for exec() - so those servers that phpInfo with it disabled can still return results.

    It's given me the start I need to figure out how to go about it - thanks!

  • @BlueVM think you could toss your source code for the script up onto GitHub?

  • HalfEatenPieHalfEatenPie Member
    edited December 2012

    @Adduc said: @BlueVM think you could toss your source code for the script up onto GitHub?

    Earlier in the thread...

    @BlueVM said: For those of you who were interested in getting a copy of our uptime script here it is:

    Directions for setup:

    1. Create a database with a user attached to it.
    2. Use the database.sql file provided to populate your database.
    3. Update /includes/config.php with your database information.
    4. Copy uptime.php to each server you wish to monitor.
    5. Insert an entry into the servers table of the database with the path containing uptime.php (So as an example if you put it at you would enter into the IP address column of the table)

    Other notes:

    • You must have php5 installed on your remote servers.
    • You do not need a database on your remote servers just php and your favorite httpd.
    • If you want to add free ram, bandwidth usage, etc... you can add it by editing uptime.php and adding a column for it in index.php

    If you have trouble or need some help please feel free to PM me or email me at: [email protected]

    If you would like to donate to say thanks or support future development visit:

    This script is released under the WTFPL, enjoy!

  • I'll be dumping it onto github once I make some additional changes.

  • Just want to thank you BlueVM for releasing your script to the public.

  • Me too, thanks @BlueVM

  • @Noxter, @DeanClinton - No problem. If you'd like you can post some example URLs with your customizations. I like seeing what people change :)

  • Sure - I made some modifications to the client script I can send to you if you want (where it doesn't use exec() for those that have PHP secured down a little). is my demo page - at the moment I'm making behind the scenes changes, I've not really made many changes to the front end.

  • Are these info (Such as load) refreshes when ever some one loads the page or it uses some type of Sql and stores data for lets say 5 minutes increment?

  • DeanDean Member
    edited December 2012

    No, they aren't stored. It's done by @BlueVM 's script. It's done via JSON, so pulls in every minute without the need for refresh. It's live data.

    One of the changes I will be making is to implement saving of the data and if it's older than so long will pull fresh data.

  • @NinjaHawk_Roel - Like DeanClinton said, it pulls every so often via json. (You can change the time increments). I plan on adding a way to pull the data into a database and have history as an optional element.

  • @BlueVM said: I plan on adding a way to pull the data into a database and have history as an optional element.

    That sounds like an awesome plan :)

  • Guys, does anyone know a good status script I can use for Windows server? Or a script that pings ports etc... I need to monitor game server ports.


  • @n0my said: Windows server

    and server
    should never be together

  • Its game server bud :)

  • Leaving the obviously useless response aside, PRTG is awesome for windows servers.

  • Thanks Wintereise, will try it :)

  • Could have multiple instances of this script by vhost it looks like?

  • NikkiNikki Member
    edited December 2012

    If you remember, I might have a new one in a while (A week or two).

    Been working on a new theme/backend system that'll allow mysql, sqlite etc for databases, and a new logging system :)

  • @Nikki very nice looking. seems statsend github is mia though?

  • @twain I have a few edits to it that I'll have to upload too, in Statsend it used bytes for disk size, which is tough when you have > 2TB :(, I just moved it to megabytes.

  • @Nikki - nice!!

  • AllSimple does a good job :)

  • @Nikki Nice work. Will it offer live monitoring option similar status2k? Also any admin side demo available? Does it offer notification and logs similar to s2k which is available within admin area?

  • @NHRoel status2k's live monitoring is nothing special, just a setInterval(AJAX request)

  • @kamalnasser said: status2k's live monitoring is nothing special, just a setInterval(AJAX request)

    Yeah, I am aware of that. I hope Nikki can implement something similar :)

  • @NHRoel I have to write an admin panel still, and integrate a theme system too (Which is what I really wanted to do for this one, to make sure users can easily customize it).

    I was also thinking about ajax updating, I'll do that a little later :), Right now I have a few other projects going though.

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