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XHOSTFIRE.COM | KVM Virtual Servers in Uusimaa, FINLAND and HUNGARY | 1Gbps + IPv6 | $7 month PROMO
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XHOSTFIRE.COM | KVM Virtual Servers in Uusimaa, FINLAND and HUNGARY | 1Gbps + IPv6 | $7 month PROMO

deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider
edited May 2016 in Offers


Why should you have a server presence in Finland?

  • Personal sites and development
  • Hosting and app processing.
  • VPNs
  • Content-delivery networks, and various custom applications.
  • In for the uniqueness.
  • Suitable for users in Russia and whole of Northern Europe.

What is the difference between Helsinki and Espoo?

Espoo is part of the upper Helsinki area, in the region of Uusimaa. We consider having a deployment in Espoo to be more special - to differentiate from the crowd.

Network and connectivity in Finland:

We value superior network connectivity and performance. That's why we have selected a datacentre that utilises two redundant upstreams, who are enterprise ISPs in Finland. That is, DNA and FNE-Finland. The best possible latency around the European region is guaranteed (from our evaluation). There is peering to local Swedish and Finnish IXs, with Tier 1 carriers such as Telia, Level3, GBLX, ReTN, GTT etc.

All virtual machines will be connected on a 1Gbps port, you will have the ability to burst to full speed easily.

Our hardware:

We take server performance seriously, and our hypervisor is equipped with E3-1230v5 CPU (latest generation) with 64GB ECC-registered DDR4 RAM. We are also using 4x Western Digital 2TB drives, configured on a RAID-10 LSI hardware-raid array.

Currently, we are offering an exclusive offer for LowEndTalk readers! Do not miss out on this deal.

Finland package on offer:

vCPU: 1x E3-1230v5 Core


HDD Space: 25GB RAID 10 Protected

Bandwidth: 1TB on 1Gbps

Dedicated IPs: 1 + /80 IPv6 subnet*

Location: Espoo, Finland

Virtualisation: KVM / SolusVM

PRICE: $7/month recurring with promo code: LETSPECIAL


Other plans can be viewed at:

You can upgrade storage, cpu, IPs and the amount of bandwidth.

Budapest, Hungary location:

The package on offer:

vCPU: 1x core (Intel E5-2620)


HDD Space: 20GB RAID 10 Protected

Clean Bandwidth: 1TB on 1Gbps

Dedicated IPs: 1 + /64 IPv6 subnet

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Management: Semi-Managed

Virtualisation: KVM / SolusVM



Other plans at:

Addons can be found on checkout.

Network details in HUNGARY:

Main peerings are Magyar Telecom (including DTAG and other transits) and TeliaSonera HU. Exchanges include AMS-IX and BIX Budapest.

We have native IPv6 support! All virtual machines include a /64 IPv6 subnet free of charge.

Payment methods:
We accept PayPal, Bitcoin and credit or debit cards via 2CheckOut.

Looking glass in HUNGARY:


IPv6: 2a01:270:2099:4::face

URL: (

100MB test speed on LG.

Looking glass in FINLAND:


IPv6: 2a02:1370:2:4:4::face

URL: Please contact us

1GB and 100MB test files available.


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