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How to join 1000s of video clips (MP4)?
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How to join 1000s of video clips (MP4)?

AmitzAmitz Member
edited April 2016 in Help

Dear all,

my name is Amitz and I have a problem (for those who did not notice yet).
Unfortunately, that problem changes from day to day.

Today is Monday and my daily problem is that I have to join thousands of small MP4 clips to one, either on OS X or Linux (command line).

The problem: All those clips have slightly different dimensions. All are around 640x480, but some are 632x482, some 639x480 and so on. I would like to join them to 1 movie in 640x480.

Most tools that I came across in the meantime bitch around when you try to joins clips in various dimensions. Do you have any hint for me? I feel that my Monday problem will also be my Tuesday problem in addition to the one that I will have anyway. Any help is very much appreciated!

Kind regards

For those who care:
You can now find me at or


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