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New nikkiii status and statsend
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New nikkiii status and statsend

LivingSouLLivingSouL Member
edited December 2011 in General

Did anyone of you guys successfully ran the new nikkiii and statsend? I'm kind of confused on how to configure it on the statsend part and I have errors on modify.php

# php modify.php --convert=servers.db
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: help in /usr/local/status/modify.php on line 28
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: add in /usr/local/status/modify.php on line 80
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: delete in /usr/local/status/modify.php on line 95
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: enable in /usr/local/status/modify.php on line 106
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: disable in /usr/local/status/modify.php on line 111
PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function execute() on a non-object in /usr/local/status/modify.php on line 123


  • The conversion must be done like so:
    Move database to a new file (servers.db.old or similar)
    Download new database to servers.db
    Run the same command you have there with "--convert=servers.db.old"

    Should work :p

    I also am about to commit a fix for the notices, though no big deal, it's still enough of a problem :p

    To configure the statsend part you're better off using direct sqlite with UPDATE queries, then copying the uid/key into the statsend config files.

    Before using statsend, make sure the directory of the database/database itself is owned by the webserver user.

  • @Nikki, I'm about to commit my simplified MySQL version to GitHub, is that OK? (Credits will be left!)

  • @maxexcloo, go for it, I plan to rewrite the whole status project some day... just isn't enough time

  • @Nikki Was doing that and my new servers.db is still isn't populated. :(

  • @LivingSouL, I would just re-add the servers if there aren't too many, I never extensively tested it :s

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