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OVH or sys dedicated server for small business kvm
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OVH or sys dedicated server for small business kvm

I am trying to consolidate our servers and services into one dedicated server.

We currently have a few vps with different providers.
I want a dedicated server where I can create multiple servers from. I would like to use KVM.

I want to create about 5-6 KVM vps all for internal use. I am not going to resell VPS services. We may add an option to host our customer's websites.

The VPS KVM needed is for:
Internal CRM/Project Management
Internal Accounting Program
Web hosting for our various websites
Web hosting for customer's websites

OpenVPN server to connect to when overseas. I am currently in the US, but will be traveling to Europe and we want need to connect to US websites for our business. WE also want to connect to US streaming services.

How good will streaming work through a vpn?

Possible PBX (I am currently using a cloud provider for hosted PBX)

My question is:
Will a so you start dedicated server with 16 ip failovers work well? $42.00/month
or should I go with OVH for $69.00/month
HOST-32L Intel Xeon D
D-1520 4/8t
2,2 / 2,6 GHz 32 GB of RAM
DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz 2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD vRack 1 Gbps

As for costs, I understand that these are the costs for running a business.

Will Promox be able to set up my KVM vps's and work well?
Is this difficult to do?

From experience, do you have any pro's or con's with working with the 2 service providers? and my setup.

Thank you for your help

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