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Drupal Designer needed
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Drupal Designer needed

lumaluma Member
edited October 2012 in General

Hello Everyone,

I am setting up a Drupal based website for a side business (not related to hosting at all) and I was wondering if someone was a designer/developer for Drupal?

I can do the install and the management of it but I suck royally at graphic stuff and theming and would like to hire someone to help me with this.

Nothing complicated or fancy. Already have most of the graphics and information. Just need someone to mash it all together.

Being part of the LEB community I wanted to come here first to see if someone was interested.




  • @luma I am a Drupal developer, but due to time constrains and other projects that I am working on I can't get take on anything else right now.

    However I would strongly recommend that if you don't have much experience with Drupal then don't start with making a theme for it just so your site looks a bit different. And if there are no must have features in Drupal then just skip it altogether and move on to WordPress. Drupal has a steep learning curve. There are many commercial themes, modules and so on available for WordPress.

    If you must go with Drupal, then I would recommend for a good theme, or Alternatively you can check out

    Some links:

    Be careful what you buy so that you don't regret if later. Looks and presentation aren't everything. You can ask me or others before you commit to buying a theme, I would be more than happy to advise you.

  • Hi @marcm

    Thanks for the info.

    For this project we want to go with Drupal even though wordpress would probably do.

    I am pretty familiar with drupal and can manage plugins, backups and even CSS changes.

    What I am looking for though is a designer that can help me find a theme and set it up and tweak it for the company I am working with.

    I am not looking for something from scratch if I can help it but I do want someone to help me with modifying a theme we select and adding our graphics to it and what not.

    I figured I would post it here on LEB first in case someone is looking for work that could help. If I don't get too many responses I will go to one of other more standard channels.



  • @luma lets take it one step at a time - what does your website need to do? Just make a feature list and we can go from there.

  • Luma,

    I think we at More than Themes ( are someones you'd like to consider for your project, and here are a few reasons why.

    We specialise in designing and producing standards-compliant and responsive Drupal themes and designing and creating websites based on Drupal. Our experience is vast and based on the facts that we use Drupal since 2006, are in this business since 2010 and our themes currently power more than 40,000 websites. We have an international clientele of a variety of needs, goals and profiles and always provide the same top-of-the-class service to every single customer.

    Feel more than welcome to get back to us at info [at] morethanthemes [dot] com, for information.


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