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SMTP Sending Limts
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SMTP Sending Limts

Does anyone know if someone is hosting a list of VPS Providers and their SMTP Sending Limts?
If not I may be interested in publishing one.

The reason being is as follows. I understand VPS providers need to have some control on SMTP so that IP don't get blacklisted etc.. This is perfectly valid.

What I have come to realize though, is that there are some providers out there who place ridiculous restrictions. For instance some hosts have a limit of 5 emails per hour, then they automatically deem you as a "SPAMMER" and null route your IP for 48 hours. So depending on what your VPS is intended for this may or may not be suitable.

In most cases the TOS does not specify this but has an ambiguous statement about SPAM and leaves it open for the Host to decide.

So I want to keep track in a database which lists providers and their SMTP restrictions, and what course of action they take.

This helps determine if VPS is suitable. I welcome any thoughts.


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