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PHP/Wordpress help needed with meta data in header.php
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PHP/Wordpress help needed with meta data in header.php

GM2015GM2015 Member
edited September 2015 in Help

I'm having problems with php5.6 and wordpress 4.3. I want to have my facebook and twitter descriptions to be automated via php.

THe issue is twitter:image and facebook og:image is broken when php the post thumbnail is invoked. I manually choose a thumbnail that's most relevant to an article.

Here's the relevant header code:

Relevant part's output code with my note there marked from firefox's source inspection:

The thumbnail function is enabled in the wp theme function.php file and thumbnails work nicely on related posts and category and tag pages.

But I just can't get this working.

Twitter validator don't work so facebook scraper won't work either.

Thank you!

I should have added I used and neither of these worked.

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