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Basic packages you use to manage server in terminal?
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Basic packages you use to manage server in terminal?

What is your favorite packges what you use usually?
Like: mc nano wget tar nmap irssi
(for server: httpd proftpd mysql mysql-server etc..)

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  • SadySady Member

    I always update my servers on first login & always install wget, rsync, zip, tar, unzip, screen, nano, vim

    I don't have any relation/affiliation with any LET Host, All of my comments are my own
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  • Why don't you explain the packages a bit?

    I mean seriously, this looks like an attempt in raising your post count.

    wget && bash


    • nano - my favorite command line text editor
    • htop - the much better version of top with more features and a much better overview of the system
    • tmux - terminal multiplexer that is way better than screen and allows some extremely cool setups (see as an example)
    • wget - to download files...
    • nginx - my favorite web server
    • tar - compressing backups, extracting source code and much more
    • php-fpm - best FastCGI for PHP (imho)

    Do you seriously want us to list obvious stuff like cd, cp, rm, mkdir, touch and etc...?

    I'm on vacation in Belize.

  • miaumiau Member
    edited August 2015

    My servers mostly doing none of specialized task except allowing me to have array of foreign IPs/better routing and convenient file hosting.

    Its very minimal openSUSE with all the core stuff, plus

    • vi, wget, unzip, tmux, htop
    • lighttpd/php-fpm
    • rsync
    • openvpn
    • shadowsocks-libev - Fallback secure socks5 when ISP has DPI to defeat openvpn (Useful when I have to do outstation work in PRC)
    • HAProxy - Load balance and relay
    • rtorrent/rutorrent - PTA to set up with webui but has badass efficiency even compared to qbittorrent

    I don't think there is any need to explain every single stuff. If you educated enough to use Linux in VPS, then it doesn't make sense to explain the staples like htop,tmux,rsync etc

  • tmux & vim :)

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  • If the provider doesn't offer minimal installations for my preferred OS, I unistall a bunch of packages first of all. Then installation:

    • nano - my favorite text editor
    • htop - task manager, must have in my opinion :)
    • unzip / zip - to zip / unzip files before / after transferring from another server

    That's my basic setup. Further packages depend on the planned use for the server.

    ¦ x64Dash ¦

  • msg7086msg7086 Member
    edited August 2015

    htop, omz, byobu, etc.

    I actually never cared about installing tools on my first login. Wrote a script that will do all the jobs for me.

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